Why does EMEF concentrate on energy efficiency and green building?                  

Edwards Mother Earth Foundation (EMEF) seeks to enhance a sustainable and diverse quality of life by addressing global climate disruption. The Foundation supports organizations that advance this philanthropic mission, and it fosters family unity and promotes philanthropic engagement among members of the Edwards extended family. EMEF is aligning its grantmaking and investing activities and will deploy capital in creative ways consistent with its mission and values.

The Foundation’s efforts to make measurable progress in mitigating climate change have centered on energy efficiency as the cheapest, cleanest and fastest way to curtail carbon emissions and begin slowing global warming. This concentrated strategy has focused on the creation and implementation of energy efficiency policies in select states across the country. By providing sustained grant support to shift state-level policies governing electricity markets, EMEF has helped to realign incentives for utilities and customers to manage energy more efficiently. These improvements have already begun to save money, create jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

EMEF is pleased to announce a new grant/PRI program that will build on this progress by funding programs, policy, and projects that demonstrate and promote the promise of ultra-efficient buildings and communities. The Foundation’s green building work will use the expertise, network, and resources it has developed around energy efficiency policy and seize on the improved conditions its grantees and partners have helped to create, starting in two large-scale bioregions of the United States: Cascadia (Oregon, Washington, and Idaho) and Sonora (New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado).

EMEF will apply catalytic resources to a nascent market that is poised for significant growth over the next decade. For instance, highly efficient green homes that use zero (or nearly zero) net energy are still rare, but a recent report by Navigant Research found that the total number of these units in North America will grow from 750 in 2015 to nearly 27,000 in 2025. The Foundation’s initial green building grants and investments will strive to accelerate the adoption of ultra-efficient building features and techniques in the residential and commercial sectors by proving concepts, promulgating best practices, advancing supportive policies and communicating cost-effective success stories.

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