Bob and Jane Edwards

The Beginnings

Edwards Mother Earth Foundation (EMEF) was established in Washington state as a 501(c)3 private family foundation in 1997 with a broad vision statement for a sustainable planet earth. The original donors were Bob and Jane Edwards, a dynamic pair who met and fell in love at DePauw University in Indiana, then married and headed to Seattle to start a family in 1933. Bob, a real estate developer, pilot, farmer, sailor, thoroughbred horse breeder, and all-around adventurer, instilled in his children a profound love of the earth and all of its infinite possibilities. Jane, a philosophy major and lover of the arts, was a deeply creative and generous force who was the glue of the ever-growing family. Together, they were a charismatic team and a shining light of inspiration for successive generations of the extended family.

Philanthropic Mission Statement

The Philanthropic Mission of Edwards Mother Earth Foundation is to enhance the sustainable and diverse quality of life by addressing global climate disruption.

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